1. Modelling and research phase


  • A model room will be monitored and documented scientifically by the Sentinel Haus Institut
  • All relevant health packages and sustainability criteria are taken into consideration by a team of experienced architects and specialists for the entire life cycle of a building (construction, renovation, maintenance, use and care)

  • Sentinel Haus Institut ensures that the project is scientifically sound and reliable with an examination, which in turn safeguards the reputations of all partners

  • Coordination with the Federal Environment Agency



2. Practical phase

  • Findings from the research phase are implemented as part of innovative projects by renowned architects.

  • Preparations are made for communication
  • Integration in training academies and other communication channels 




 Project Subjects



   Indoor air quality            


    Cleaning and maintenance   





   Room acoustics


    Thermal comfort





   Visual comfort





    Drinking water and hygiene











1. model and research phase



Europäischer Referenzraum


  • The European reference area (according to DIN EN ISO 16516) serves for the scientific investigation of health and sustainability aspects. It is a general standard for buildings and simulates buildings on a small scale.
  • Created by an experienced team of architects and specialist tradesmen for the entire life cycle of a property (new construction, renovation, maintenance, furnishing, use and care)
  • Close coordination with the Federal Environment Agency


Time-lapse on the construction of the European reference area 




3D space visualization scenario 1



3D space visualization scenario 2 





2. real projects


  • Findings from the research phase are implemented in innovative real projects by renowned architects.

  • Integration into training academies and guidelines





MY FUTURE OFFICE is an initiative of many strong partners. Together they bring valuable knowledge, practical experience and contacts as well as current issues to the project. In order to structure this process for the individual interest groups, there are the expert advisory boards, which are filled gradually. The advisory boards ensure that the project and those involved remain open to new topics. They ask questions and critically examine the project results constructively. In doing so, they explicitly adopt the perspective of their target group and bring it into the discussion of all partners.


Openness and practical relevance

This openness, paired with the expert knowledge of the advisory boards, ensures that the project results are up-to-date and sustainable. The focus here is on practical feasibility: requirements for healthier and more profitable office buildings for motivated and efficient employees are not only formulated, documented and metrologically checked, but also implemented in real buildings of the most varied construction methods.